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Stock MW2 Slots

Find bellow a complete list of all attachments from Modern Warfare 2 that are available in this slot. You can also see which platform it’s depending and how to unlock it!

All attachments in the Stock slot

Name Platform Gun Level
Corio Precio Factory M4 7
Demo D50 Buffer Tube M4 14
Demo Fade Pro Stock M4 19
Demo Precision Elite Factory M4 8
Forge TAC Delta 4 M4 9
Ravage-8 M4 8
Demo Quicksilver Collapsed M4 9
Demo Quicksilver Stock M4 14
VEL A-568 Collapsed LMP 10
Vel A-568 Stock LMP 14
LM Precision Stock LMP 23
RPK Stock Kastovia 6
Ivanov Wood Stock Kastovia 19
Heavy Support Stock Kastovia 12
Prolite TL3 Kastovia 17
K-BLOC Kastovia 10
FT TAC-Elite Kastovia 17
VLK Stockless Kastovia 19
Otrezat Stock Kastovia 5
Markeev R7 Kastovia 9
MEER Recoil-56 Factory Stock Lachmann Meer 4
LM-S Factory G79 Stock Lachmann Meer 10
FT Mobile Stock Lachmann Meer 10
RAPP-762 Factory Lachmann Meer 3
Lachmann S9 Factory Lachmann Meer 11
LM Stockless MOD Lachmann Meer 15
ZRL T70 PAD Extension Bryson Long Rifle 11
Bryson Inforcer Stock Bryson Long Rifle 15
XRK Specter MOD Bryson Long Rifle 19
FTAC EZX-PRO Bryson Long Rifle 21
Assault-60 Stock Bryson Long Rifle 22
Bryson Streamline Bryson Long Rifle 3
ZLR T70 PAD Extension Bryson Long Rifle 12
PVZ-890 TAC Bryson Long Rifle 12
TV Cardinal Tactique verte 8
TV LPX-434 Tactique verte 18
TV Ballast Stock Tactique verte 7
TV XLINE Pro Tactique verte 20
Tactique Brute Stock Tactique verte 7
Bruen MX9 Stock Bruen Bullpup 12
Bruen HCR 56 Stock Bruen Bullpup 19
XRK Pistol Stock XRK 12
XRK Dynamic Precision XRK 16
X13 Coachwhip Stock XRK 19
XRK Bar XRK 21
FTAC Apollo Bryson 800 Series 3
Sawed Off MOD Bryson 800 Series 8
FSS Watchman Bryson 800 Series 12
Stockless Pistol Grip Bryson 800 Series 10
Stockless Pistol Grip Bryson 800 Series 13
FSS Guardian Bryson 800 Series 17
Xten Ripcord Stock Bryson 800 Series 19
FTAC Valor Ordnance 2
SO-90 Factory Ordnance 9
SO R55 Adaptor Ordnance 8
Cheetah STM Sakin MG 4
FTAC Condor Sakin MG 11
Sakin Riptide Sakin MG 19
FSS Echo Signal 4
SO Inline Signal 12
FTAC INVISI-670 Signal 17
FTAC Stock Cap Fennec 6
Fennec F45 Stock Fennec 9
Fennec Bullfighter Fennec 18
FTAC Locktight Fennec 22
Agile Assault-7 Fennec 25
Cronen LW-88 MRBA 2
Cronen Lion MRBA 12
Demo H-40 Raal 3
FSS Riot Raal 14
Demo Nimble Stock Raal 23
Cronen Marshal Tactique Defense 0
CQB Stock Tactique Defense 5
FSS Heavy Stock Pro Tactique Defense 11
Guard Duty Stock Tactique Defense 19
PDSW Factory Stock Tactique Defense 27
Cronen Marshal Lockwood Sport 3
Bryson Natural Series Lockwood Sport 9
Sweetspot Stock Lockwood Sport 18
Heist Stock MOD Lockwood Sport 23
Cut Off Stock MOD Mark 2 3
Lockwood Bullseye Stock Mark 2 15
Demo VX509 Stock Mark 2 19
FSS Frame Stock Expedite 5
Resonance Stock Collapsed Expedite 10
Schlager Resonance Expedite 15
Bryson Reverb-55 Stock Expedite 22