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How the gunsmith will work in Modern Warfare 2

September 15, 2022

It’s finally that time of the year where we get more details about the next Call Of Duty game and it’s looking amazing. This article will focus on the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith and how it will work for multiplayer. We can expect to witness the same behavior for Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile as the gunsmith seems to be shared between all titles!

The official gunsmith reveal video from infinity war

Platforms, receiver and attachment: what are they exactly?

With the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith, Infinity Ward and Activision are introducing two major elements that are completely changing the way we will build, unlock and level up weapons.


A platform is like a family of weapons. You can have multiple guns in the same platform that have common characteristics and share attachments. In the example from the developers, we see the Tempus Armament platform, with the following weapons in it:


A receiver is a special attachment that is allowing you to change the profile of the base weapon. For example, the M4 base weapon in the Tempus Armament platform can be converted into an M16 (Burst), LMG, Battle Rifle, or an SMG thanks to this receiver.

A receiver is a little bit like we already have with ammo conversion (Ex: 10mm ammunition on the M4A1) but in more impactful as it’s changing the global style of the weapon.

Type of attachments

There will be two type of attachments: the ones that are universal and the ones that are specific to a dedicated platform.

Universal Attachments

  • Optic
  • Ammunition
  • Muzzle
  • Underbarrel

It means that once you’ve unlocked one of those attachments, you’ll be able to use it across all weapons if they are able to equip it.

Platform specific attachments

  • Barrel
  • Laser
  • Stock
  • Rear Grip
  • Magazine

And Receiver also platform specific

Those attachments will be unlockable within a platform progression path only!

Number of attachments

It’s been confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 weapons will have maximum 5 attachments + one receiver.

What about Warzone 2?

We still don’t know for sure and we will need to tune in to CODNext event later today. We can expect the Warzone 2 gunsmith to behave the same way as the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith. Same as Warzone Mobile.

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