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SA-B 50 MW2 Loadout

The best SA-B 50 multiplayer builds

SA-B 50
FSS OLE-V laser
XRK Specter MOD
FTAC Ripper 56
Rear Grip
Schlager Match Grip
FSS ST87 Bolt

SA-B 50 by Faze Dirty

  • Barrel:

    12.5" Carbon Barrel
  • Optic:

    HMW-20 Optic
  • Laser:

    Corio LAZ-44 V3
  • Ammunition:

    .308 Overpressured +P
  • Rear Grip:

    Schlager Match Grip
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All attachments and where to unlock them

How to unlock the SA-B 50 in Modern Warfare 2?

Platform How to unlock
Bryson Long Rifle

To unlock the SA-B 50, you need to:
1. Reach level 13 of the SP-R 208.