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The best Rapp H multiplayer builds

Rapp H

Long Range

Sakin Tread-40 Comp
SZ Reflex
FT Mobile Stock
Rear Grip
LMK64 Grip
DI-Grip 4.5

How to unlock the Rapp H in Modern Warfare 2?

Platform How to unlock
Lachmann Meer

To unlock the RAPP-H you need to reach level 15 of the Lachmann Sub.

All attachments of the Rapp H and how to unlock them?

All attachments that you can unlock with the Rapp H

Description of the Rapp H

Featuring a belt-fed 7.62mm receiver with all the modularity of the Lachmann Meer platform, the RAPP H offers versatility in the light machine gun class.

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Launch date of the Rapp H

First introduced during the Modern Warfare 2 Beta the 16th of September. Then at the start of the game the 28 of October.

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