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556 Icarus MW2 Loadout

The best 556 Icarus multiplayer builds

556 Icarus

Long Range

Forge-tac Castle Comp
FTAC Coldforge 16" Barrel
SZ Reflex
Rear Grip
Xten Grip
VX Pineapple Vert Grip

How to unlock the 556 Icarus in Modern Warfare 2?

Platform How to unlock
Tempus Armament

Level 17 of the FSS Huricane.

All attachments of the 556 Icarus and how to unlock them?

Description of the 556 Icarus

The 556 Icarus is a lightweight squad-support weapon in the M4 Platform. Increased ammo capacity does not significantly impact mobility.

Launch date of the 556 Icarus

First introduced during the Modern Warfare 2 Beta the 16th of September. Then at the start of the game the 28 of October.

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